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The NEXUS Lab on Education and Entrepreneurship will be a platform for our community to explore and collaborate on forward thinking ideas revolutionizing the field of education from cradle to career. Our goal is to spark collaborations amongst professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, funders and investors to innovate educational approaches that embrace cultural diversity, increases education equity, quality and promotes a culture of peace, and global citizenship.

The NEXUS Lab on Education and Entrepreneurship launched in 2016 with the goal of mobilizing Nexus membership to advance innovations in the field of education from around the world that increase quality, ensure equal opportunities for all and contribute to sustainable development. The Lab on Education and Entrepreneurship is co-chaired by Leslie Falconer and Felipe Amaral.


Even before a child is born, the educational journey begins and is impacted by a myriad of influencing factors. As a result, to impact systemic change within the field of education, it is critical to consider the interconnectedness of education within other global issues such as economic disparity, access to healthcare and nutrition, human rights, criminal justice systems, evolving family systems, and environmental contaminants which all contribute to one’s social-emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Education is the force that can either transform society toward greater equity, tolerance and compassion or it can perpetuate harmful social norms. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King, Jr., 1929-1968, pastor, activist, humanitarian


Leslie Falconer

Leslie Falconer

NEXUS Education & Entrepreneurship Lab Co-Chair
Leslie Falconer, M.S. is the President and CEO of the Experience Early Learning Co., publisher of early childhood books, music and early learning curriculum. She has published several child development tools including the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum and co-produced over 300 children’s songs featured in the Teacher’s Choice award-winning program Dance ’n Beats. Falconer has authored articles appearing in both early childhood education and philanthropy journals. As an international speaker and trainer, she has presented on topics related to education, innovation and next generation philanthropy. Leslie Falconer is co-founder and trustee of the Alabaster Fund, a private family

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foundation, throughout which she researches and invests in international development programs that support increased access to education and social entrepreneurship initiatives worldwide. On her downtime, Leslie loves to be outside hiking and enjoying beautiful Traverse City, Michigan with her husband three active daughters.

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Felipe amaral

Felipe amaral

NEXUS Education & Entrepreneurship Lab Co-Chair
Felipe Amaral is the chairman and a founding partner of Semente. In the last seven years Felipe has founded four enterprises: 1) Eureka, an educational program to help young students build their own careers; 2) Net Impact Porto Alegre, the first Brazilian chapter of Net Impact, an international network of impact-driven businesses and professionals; 3) Estaleiro Liberdade, an (un)school for aspiring entrepreneurs to create businesses with purpose; and 4) Semente, a company that designs and delivers innovative industry-focused entrepreneurship development programs in Latin America and then invests in the best “graduated” ventures. These enterprises have collectively impacted and inspired more

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than 10.000 entrepreneurs. Felipe has dedicated his career to the goal of scaling this kind of impact throughout the world.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013, South African President, Philanthropist


The Lab on Education and Entrepreneurship will serve as a forum for members of the NEXUS network who seek to learn more about innovation in education, exchange ideas and make connections through events or information.


  • NEXUS Education and Entrepreneurship monthly discussion calls
  • Salon discussion series investigating the cross-sector role of education in sustainable development, innovation, entrepreneurship and social change.  
  • Discounts to education conferences and networking events and speaking opportunities for its members
  • Workshop and Panel sessions during the NEXUS Gatherings

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To see what education Salons, Delegations and other events are upcoming, visit our Event’s Page. Please note, that you must be a member to access the full event calendar. Not a member? Membership is based on your acceptance and attendance to a multi-day event. Click here to see our next upcoming Summits.

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