Imagine a community where everyone has your back for the rest of your life. Welcome to NEXUS.

NEXUS catalyzes new leadership and accelerates solutions to global problems. Our mission is to connect, inspire, and activate exceptional social innovators and the next generation of influential families around the world.


We envision a global community that promotes a just and sustainable world that celebrates diversity and governs by the paradigm that “we are all in this together.”


We strive to create a global community that is tolerant, diverse, inclusive and willing to challenge and improve upon conventional practices. We celebrate courage, passion, integrity and love and embrace our shared responsibility as next gen leaders to build a world where we, our communities and our planet can flourish.

NEXUS is a community of next-gen philanthropists, CEOs, impact investors, changemakers and storytellers from more than 70 countries in 6 continents. As a NEXUS member, you are part of a global network that shares your desire to create a better world through philanthropy, art, film, and business. Connect with innovators, learn from seasoned impact investors and collaborate with some of our generation’s leading philanthropists and social entrepreneurs that are developing solutions to some of our generation’s biggest challenges. When you travel as a NEXUS member, you will never travel alone.


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february, 2018

31janallday03feballdayFeatured2018 NEXUS USA SummitJoin NEXUS for our 4th Annual NEXUS USA Summit in Washington D.C.

feballdayfeballdayFeatured2018 NEXUS Africa ForumJoin NEXUS for the 2nd NEXUS Africa Forum in Johannesburg

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We are NextGen global citizens that have joined forces to use our talents, resources, voices and connections for good. We are CEOs, impact investors, storytellers, philanthropists, creative activists and social innovators. We believe that we are all better off when we work together to bridge communities, catalyze new leadership and accelerate global solutions. #WeAreNEXUS

Reviews & Endorsements

 “NEXUS is more then an organization… we are a family, a community & movement of and by the next generation to impact the world for the benefit of all humanity. Being a leader of NEXUS is my proudest accomplishment!”

MJ Kronfeld

Co-Chair for the Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Working Group



Reviews & Endorsements



“NEXUS is a unique global community of young philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and creative innovators shaping the future through powerful dialogue, experiences and connections. I am so honored to be a leader in the community and it is one of the biggest joys of my life.”

Divya Demato

NEXUS New York City Ambassador Emeritus


Reviews & Endorsements


“My favorite way I’ve heard Rachel describe NEXUS is that we exist to accelerate healing the world. That’s exactly what I feel NEXUS does. I meet people through NEXUS that it could have taken years to meet without, and we are all pooling our passions and resources to make the world better – together and faster. We live in a time with very urgent issues and NEXUS is the best way I feel I can use my time and talent. I am so grateful for NEXUS!”

Erin Bernhardt

NEXUS Atlanta City Ambassador 


Reviews & Endorsements


 “Joining Nexus has been one of the most important things I’ve done. It’s the reason I’ve been to the United Nations, the halls of Congress and the White House. Because of Nexus I have a powerful and influential network I can reach out to for help which is what makes the work I do (helping the unfunded dogooders of the world) possible.”

Dave Moss

Longtime NEXUS Member

Reviews & Endorsements

“NEXUS is more than a community of young leaders working passionately to create the world they want with the unique set of resources they have. Because of them, NEXUS represents the hope and possibility of a better and brighter future for all of us on this beautiful planet we call home.” 

Abbie Jung-Harada

NEXUS Asia Regional Director