Learning Journeys


NEXUS Learning Journeys

Learning journeys are once-in-a-lifetime-experiences that take members to far-flung places that are at the heart of the pertinent issue we are exploring. NEXUS has conducted two Learning Journeys, one to the Arctic and one to the African Savanna. These trips combine educational opportunities, intimate conversations with leading global experts, personal development and meaningful connections. We are next exploring a trip to the Amazon. Stay tuned for more details.

Trip to The Artic Circle

The Nexus Arctic Learning Journey was designed in partnership with the De Baak Institute in The Netherlands to provide a cutting-edge leadership development programme as well as the experience of a lifetime! Flying from Oslo to the isolated Arctic island of Svalbard, we navigated the beautiful landscape on high-tech snowmobiles and age-proven dog sleighs; spent a night on the ice; visited remote villages and participated in daily workshops on personal values, leadership skills and action planning for social impact. The expedition support was led by iQ Events, a team of highly experienced Arctic explorers who work with high-level clients around the world. As the planet warms, we need cool solutions to the social and environmental challenges we face. Where better to find them than in one of our most challenging climates? On the isolated Arctic island of Svalbard we made our base camp in Longyearbyen and visited the Russian mining settlement of Barentsburg, plus other places of stunning beauty and fragility including vast ice caves. The evenings were spent in log cabins and around campfires, learning the art of storytelling. We were joined by a surprise inspirational speaker one night, and spent another night camped out on the ice. All-in-all, it was a week to remember!

Trip to the African Savanna

The Nexus African Savanna Learning Journey aimed to offer unparalleled access to the places and people of a country recovering from social, political and racial injustices, while struggling to preserve and protect its beautiful environment and biodiversity. We curated an engaging programm featuring world-class speakers, industry experts and a high-end experience rooted in authentic and meaningful conversations. The trip started in Johannesburg with a trip to Soweto and a conversation on ‘From Apartheid to Hope: Movements for Social Change in South Africa’ and the social justice theme continued with a visit to the Nelson Mandela centre of Memory experienc for a talk about ‘Mandela and The Life of a Leader → Leadership for Social Change in South Africa.’ Reflecting on the visits and conversations of the day, this interactive session explored how change is created in South Africa, by leadership and innovation from across sectors. After we journeyed into the bush for our 5-day safari. African Savanna is ground zero for the effects of climate change and for animal conservation and the numerous Safari drives and evening fireside chats provided the opportunity to be up-close and personal with South Africa’s wildlife and hear from animal conservationists and climate experts on the front lines of protecting the magic that is the natural world.