Catalyzed by NEXUS

NEXUS is proud to have helped catalyze dozens of member-led companies and organizations around the world.

We’re even more gratified to see so many NEXUS Members dedicate their time, invest their capital and share their connections with other great NEXUS associated companies and organizations. Over the past 6 years, NEXUS Members have invested and donated tens of millions of dollars, joined the boards of, and otherwise supported, countless fellow Member led or organizations. We are thrilled to have played a part and are more optimistic than ever that together we are creating a better world. This is the power of NEXUS. This is why:



The SUpR Initiative works with professional sports teams to reduce and eliminate single use plastics in stadiums. SUpR was launched by NEXUS in 2020 in partnership with Oceanic Global and Accenture.

Ocean SOS Tech Summit

After coming to a NEXUS Summit and learning about the devastating effects of plastics and overfishing on the ocean eco-system, one of our NEXUS Asia Leaders teamed up with the NEXUS Working Group on Energy, Innovation and Environment and the NEXUS Lab on Regenerative Culture to organize an Ocean Tech Summit in Indonesia in April of 2018.

PVBLIC Foundation

Born out of conversations had during a NEXUS Summit, PVBLIC Foundation is proudly run, advised and supported by numerous NEXUS Members. PVBLIC is an in-kind grant-making organization that harnesses the power of unused media assets to drive social change.

PAssion for a Purpose

Passion for a Purpose was launched by a long time NEXUS Leader after seeing the incredible collaborations inspired by the NEXUS online community. Today Passion for a Purpose, lives up to its name, galvanizing NEXUS Members and New Yorkers alike to get involved in philanthropy by hosting events and building partnerships for socially conscious companies and organizations.

Atlas Corps

Atlas Corps is an international network of nonprofit leaders and organizations that promotes innovation, cooperation, and solutions to address the world’s 21st century challenges. A longtime partner and sponsor of NEXUS, Atlas Corps has benefited from its close association to NEXUS with numerous fellows making invaluable connections within, and receiving support from, the community.

Solve MIT at Standing Rock

Led by the NEXUS Working Group Toward Equal Justice, NEXUS Members organized a SOLVE MIT social good hack-a-thon to support the Standing Rock Tribes and movement.  The MIT SOLVE program, (led by a NEXUS Member), Sitting Bull College and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe partnered to bring together renewable energy advocates and tribal leaders to discuss the continuing legacy of the NoDAPL protest. The conference took place at the Prairie Knights Casino in Standing Rock on Jan. 12 and 13.

Good Super

Good Super is Australia’s first social impact retirement fund. With a highly differentiated investment mandate, the fund seeks to deliver a competitive financial return while investing in profitable socially responsible companies. Good Super is led by NEXUS Australia regional Members.

NEXUS Healthy Democracy Coalition

A NEXUS led initiative, The NEXUS Healthy Democracy Coalition convenes high-level, public policy philanthropists from across religious, cultural, and ideological divides to break bread, discuss issues, and explore collaboration. This initiative has sparked The NEXUS “Rules to Give By” philanthropy white paper.

The Orphan Opportunity Fund

With NEXUS Members on the founding team, the board and serving as advisors, The Orphan Opportunity Fund has close ties to the community. With its mission to support extraordinary local leaders that care for critically vulnerable children living without parents around the world, The Orphan Opportunity Fund carries out critical work to improve the lives of orphans globally.

Forge Nano

After meeting the founder of Forge Nano through a NEXUS Working Group on Energy, Innovation and Environment event, a NEXUS Leader was moved to invest in Forge Nano’s “Precision Nano-coating” materials solutions that will change the world.


The NEXUS Working Group on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery teamed up with Charidy for a Global Giving day to support an end to modern slavery in our lifetime. The campaign raised an incredible $512,796 dollars for the Blue Heart Campaign to help victims of human trafficking.


Unframed is Singapore’s largest social impact network and social impact startup incubator of cross-sector organizations and experts, comprising for-impact startups and entrepreneurs, corporates, nonprofits, government and funders. While today Unframed is shaping the impact entrepreneurial ecosystem,  in 2014 the founder met his seed capital funder at NEXUS Singapore Summit.

Batey Girls

It was at an inspiring 2016 NEXUS Global Summit, that the seeds for Batey girl were planted. After teaming up with fellow NEXUS Member and Passion for a Purpose founder, Batey Girls was established by its parent nonprofit organization; Batey Rehab Project, to use artisan jewelry to provide economic opportunities for women and girls at risk of sex trafficking and domestic violence in the Dominican Republic.

Foundation for Inclusion

Foundation for Inclusion is a building a collective strategy and framework for solving large-scale social problems by creating a hub and impact incubator to serve as a permanent home of social progress. In late 2017, NEXUS catalyzed and Member-led Together for Tomorrow joined forces with Foundation to accelerate Foundation for Inclusion’s mission of change.

Imba Means Sing Film

IMBA MEANS SING is a character-driven heartfelt film about the resilience and the impact of education. It documents the hopes, dreams and challenges of three Ugandan children who travel around the world with the African Children’s Choir. Proudly co-written and produced by our NEXUS Atlanta City Ambassador with the support of several other NEXUS Members in the film space.


Satisfeito is a global movement that prevents food waste and combats child hunger by providing restaurants and their customers with the chance to help non-profit organizations around the world.


nornnorn is an innovative, Circular Economy-based mattress subscription service for hotels, resorts and hospitality businesses and general consumers. It is founded by Naps Nophol Techaphangam, an impact-driven entrepreneur with extensive experience in the sleep industry and the Founder and a Co-Country Director of NEXUS Thailand.

Fabric Aid

Solving the textile waste and the second-hand clothing market, The Beirut based founders of Fabric Aid teamed up with a fellow NEXUS Member and owner of Checkmate Digital during the 2017 NEXUS MENA Summit in Beirut to discuss strategies around impact and scale.

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