Impact Issues

Animal Welfare & Biodiversity Conservation programming and its ambassadors aims to build coalitions around restoring a caring and respectful relationship with nature by addressing the culture of separation that currently exists.

Scientific studies indicate significant negative weather, natural disaster probabilities increasing and economic instability in the coming decades. Energy Innovation & Environment programming and its ambassadors aims to facilitate NEXUS engagement on these issues and help stabilize the climate and ecological crisis.

Equal Justice programming is designed to educate our members about the Criminal Justice System, the different intersectional systems that underpin it, and opportunities for transformational reform. We provide resources and collective opportunities for our members to take actions in their lives, communities, businesses, investments, and philanthropy.
Ethical Fashion
Ethical fashion programming was born from the desire to challenge the waste and abuses of the fashion industry and educate and connect leaders who are creating a new ethical fashion paradigm. By harnessing fashion as a force for good, the fashion industry can be at the forefront of global innovation in technology and sustainability. 
Through their work and programming, the ambassadors of Film, Media & Story encourage members to participate in projects that engage traditional and new forms of storytelling around the world to harness the power of film to change the world.

The goal of programming and the ambassadors for Futurism is to introduce members to rapidly advancing, emerging technologies that are poised to significantly alter social, economic, and political conditions worldwide in the next few decades.

Human Trafficking

The programming around Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery aims to mobilize resources and individuals to invest in high impact solutions that address the root causes of human trafficking and combat modern slavery.


The programming and co-chairs of Impact Investing fosters a community in which the next generation of investors is encouraged to invest focusing on market return rates with empathy, inspiration, and creativity.

Indigenous Rights
Indigenous Peoples programming is designed to focus on how philanthropists, impact investors and social innovators can harness strategies towards improving the lives of Indigenous Peoples across the world.
The programming around music is designed to showcase the transformative powers of music on our lives. Music is an experience of unity and reflection on a global scale, an experience which we bring to the NEXUS Community through performances curated for each Summit.
The programming on Refugees and Forced Displacement is designed to help explore one of the key global challenges of our time and how high impact solutions can change the lives of millions of refugees and forcibly displaced people around the globe.
Regenerative Culture
The regenerative culture programming is designed to invigorate and nurture the collective practice of balancing ecosystems of knowledge, people, planet and place to ensure a more sustainable future.