NEXUS & The Poetry of Impact Podcast

NEXUS recently partnered with The Poetry of Impact Podcast hosted by member Gino Borges to bring forth authentic, unheard stories of fellow NEXUS members around their journeys in impact.

Poetry of Impact is an invitation to impact-inspired investors, founders, authors and artists to figuratively strip off the suit and tie and change into our jeans…to together explore eternal topics often considered irrelevant or off-limits in “money” conversations: essence, loss, love, nature, and embodiment, just to name a few.

In this series, NEXUS members on the front lines of business, impact investing and philanthropy will discuss the ups and downs of their endeavors, what they’ve learned along the way and how they are continuing to push forward impactful solutions to some of our world’s biggest challenges.

Tune in to The Poetry of Impact Podcast to hear what ’s currently occupying the hearts and minds leading NEXUS members from around the world!

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Episode 7

Reetu & Suraj Gupta, brother and sister duo, run the Easton’s Group of Hotels, Canada’s largest private hotel development firm and an early stage venture fund: Rogue Insight. In this episode, the two share stories of growing up Indian in Canada with their successful entrepreneurial parents. Reetu & Suraj both share a wild, palpable spirit for entrepreneurship that’s contagious!

Episode 6

In this episode, Oliver Libby, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of H/L Ventures, takes us on a tour of his optimistically skeptical mind, stringing together his family’s history in medicine and science, tales of late antiquity and modern-day stories of human connection. Not only does Oliver have a brilliant way of looking at the world, he is greatly skilled in applying the appropriate tools to bring real change to individuals and communities. Oliver brings openness, authenticity and, most of all, heart into his life and work.

Episode 5

In this episode, Jill Soffer, Co-Founder of Banking for Climate, offers up deep reflections on how her upbringing amidst a unique family structure, the loss of her mother in her teenage years and her experiences in nature have informed her path over the years, leading to the co-creation of Banking for Climate. She further outlines what needs to happen in these conversations around banking, fossil fuels, and climate so we can amplify the movement to critical mass. Jill shows up with a fierce femininity committed to caring for Earth and all its inhabitants.

Episode 4

In this episode, Will Weisman, Founder of KittyHawk Ventures, talks about his hunger for success early in his career and how this hunger has transformed through self-work over the last decade. He shares his journey to find contentment, neutrality and a sense of enoughness while still remaining highly engaged and excited about his work in venture capital.

Episode 3

In this episode, Milo Runkle, Founder of Mercy for Animals, takes listeners on a journey through the many pivotal moments that have shaped his present thinking. From finding his voice in animal activism and the passing of his mother to transformation through plant medicine and stepping down from the board of Mercy for Animals, Milo offers deep insights around spiritual healing, identity, and connection that naturally energizes and excites the heart.

Episode 2

In this episode Winston Ibrahim shares his perspectives on how innovations in health and wellness have the power to positively impact human potential. Winston talks about his relationship with water and single-use plastics and opens up about his deep desire to pursue his own passions amidst familial pressure.

Episode 1

The Poetry of Impact Podcast hosted by member Gino Borges kicked off its NEXUS member series with Marcus Whitney. In this episode, Marcus talks about the many phases of his life as a father, a Black entrepreneur, and a creative who wants to support solutions-oriented people.