COVID Response
During COVID, NEXUS teamed up with The UN, Purpose Impact Creative Agency and Out There Media to launch the Verified Campaign to fight disinformation. The Verified Campaign ensured that trusted WHO and UN approved life-saving COVID messaging reached over 500 million people across the world thanks to NEXUS members who helped ensure Verified was shared on TV, social media, radio, billboards and through other outlets.
NEXUS teamed up with Oceanic Global and Accenture to launch SUPR, a campaign to eliminate single-use plastics in professional sports stadiums. Launched at the LIV Super Bowl in Miami in Feb 2020, SUPR provided HardRock Stadium with the playbook for plastic reduction, ensuring they became the first Stadium to eliminate 99%+ of their plastic waste in the Stadium.
Hurricane Dorian Relief
After Hurricane Dorian hit The Grand Bahama island, NEXUS members rallied to support the island’s hurricane emergency relief effort, sending over a dozen planes, dozens of boats and blackhawk helicopters to the island to carry aid and assist in relief efforts. Members mobilized to ensure 2M pounds of lifesaving aid reached the island in the first few weeks following the Hurricane.
It’s on Us Braintrust

NEXUS was invited by then Vice President Joe Biden to dream up, launch and grow his It’s On US Campaign to tackle sexual assault on college campuses. It’s On US campaigns and programming have reached millions of young people and touched the lives of thousands of college students across America. Subsequently NEXUS and its members have continued to stay involved hosting numerous brain trusts on how members can continue to lean in to support this incredibly important initiative.

White Papers
Over the course of its history, NEXUS and its members have been involved in writing several white papers on philanthropy, impact investing, coalition building in the impact space and a landscape report on sustainable fashion. Several of the reports are included below.