History of NEXUS in Australia

The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), in partnership with leading Australian philanthropists, brought NEXUS to Australia in 2013 with our inaugural Summit in Sydney. More than seven hundred people applied to attend the Summit, from which the committee accepted 230 delegates including some of Australia’s leading philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and impact investors under the age of 40. More than one-third of the attendees came from overseas, including some representatives of major philanthropic families and organizations. Since that time we have held three NEXUS Summits in Australia. Our most recent Summit was held in 2018. NEXUS Australia, in collaboration with interested partners, creates a platform for Australian philanthropists to build, learn, share and create with social innovators to deliver positive change.

Why NEXUS? Over the last decade, Australia has experienced tremendous growth in absolute wealth, but also in income inequality. The gap between the wealthy and poor has grown, with those at the wealthy end of the spectrum have become considerably wealthier. This rise in wealth, however, has not been reflected in a similar growth in philanthropic giving necessitating a need to birth new pathways of giving. By involving young people from Australia’s wealthy communities in a conversation on philanthropy and the setting of social goals, NEXUS aims to catalyse an attitudinal change. We want to elevate the importance of private giving in Australia and empower participants to become change-makers in their own right.

By involving young people from Australia’s wealthy communities in a conversation on philanthropy and the setting of social goals, NEXUS aims to catalyse an attitudinal change.

We believe in doing this through a BUILD, LEARN, SHARE, CREATE strategy: BUILD a common understanding LEARN from each other’s perspective SHARE ideas and lessons learned in solving problems CREATE in ways to solve new challenges.

Goals and Actions

NEXUS Australia’s goals are to:

  • Inspire leadership in young wealth givers by providing pathways to innovative approaches for creating change
  • Increase generosity and strategic investment in social and environmental  projects
  • Highlight the importance of measuring and evaluating the impact of an individual’s philanthropy
  • Foster and creating lasting connections between young givers and social entrepreneurs

Previous Summits:

  • NEXUS Australia Summit 2018
  • NEXUS Australia Youth Summit 2016:
  • NEXUS Australia Youth Summit 2014:
  • NEXUS Australia Youth Summit 2013:


Rachel English

Rachel English

Chair of NEXUS Australia Steering Committee

Rachel English has worked on many sides of the social, in fundraising, service delivery and granting. She now works in Philanthropy at Mutual Trust, assisting families with their giving and strategies. Whilst at the same time formulating her own strategies as a trustee of the English Family Foundation which focuses on driving transformational change through partnerships with early stage social enterprises in Australia and South East Asia. Rachel is also member of Philanthropy Australia’s New Gen program and Chair of NEXUS Australia.

What We’re Up To


This March we’re hosting our 4th annual NEXUS Australia Summit bringing together exceptional young social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and impact investors to catalyze change


We host regular Salons that are meant to inspire learning and collaboration between a uniquely powerful network of peers

Culture of Philanthropy

In partnership with The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), NEXUS Australia aims to foster a culture of philanthropy and collaboration amongst Australia’s youth

Delegations to NEXUS Global

NEXUS Australia is proud to send yearly Delegations to our NEXUS Global Summit in New York to participate in NEXUS Global’s flagship event and network with NEXUS members from around the world


Innovator of the Year

NEXUS Australia is proud to team up with Foundation of Young Australians to award an honor a young social entrepreneur who is successfully tackling an important social issue.

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Interested in joining or sponsoring the NEXUS Australia network? Are you an exceptional young social entrepreneur, philanthropist or impact investor? Interested in doing good and shaping the future of Australia? We’d love to hear from you. Please send us a message and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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