Equal Justice

The NEXUS Working Group towards Equal Justice is dedicated to educating our members about the Criminal Justice System, the different intersectional systems that underpin it, and opportunities for transformational reform.

Our Working Group Is…

An onramp for our members to leverage their influence toward equal justice by becoming a part of the solution with directly impacted communities who are leading their own transformation everyday.  Our role in the field is to educate and inspire our members to take their greatest level of actions utilizing all their forms of capital across asset classes to support our frontline partners and movements toward equal justice.  



We educate our members about the Criminal Justice System, the different intersectional systems that underpin it, and opportunities for transformational reform. We provide resources and collective opportunities for our members to take actions in their lives, communities, businesses, investments, and philanthropy.


Our Work

We uplift the most effective models for transforming systems toward equal justice by working deeply with partners who live these issues and lead their own transformation. Together we curate local salons, regional workshops, and site visits as well as toolkits and action pledges to help our members leverage their influence for the short and long term goals of our partners including in rapid response movement moments like Ferguson and Standing Rock.  Our partners help us frame our educational and site based events as well as identify the actionable areas they would like our members to take publicly and privately together with them to support their work and campaigns.  In doing this, we model a more just form of investment by taking our direction from directly impacted communities in a way that isn’t transactional, but rather is deeply relational. 

By leveraging our social, political, and economic influence with those who are on the frontlines of fights for equal justice, we add an inside/outside strategy to their work that legacies of injustice have blocked them from access to.  In re-aligning these, we work to strengthen not just our partners but the whole field to win transformative victories toward equal justice.



Christina Hollenback

Christina Hollenback

NEXUS Working Group Chair on Equal Justice

Christina is the Chair of the NEXUS Working Group Toward Equal Justice. Christina spent 13 years in politics helping convene the “unusual suspect” coalitions to win on the DREAM Act, Affirmative Action, access to healthcare and higher education, workforce development programs, and major women’s health issues. Winner of the prestigious POLLY award at just 27, Christina then became one of the youngest Executive Directors in Washington at 29, and committed her time to not just winning on these major issues, but building the infrastructure to make power building sustainable for her generation and nurturing the growing the bench of talented young people from under-represented communities to

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lead us into a new era.  In 2013, Christina transitioned her skills into the social impact sector and started helping social enterprises working with women and children come to scale to meet their potential. She created Vigilint, the first of it’s kind incubator and seedfund to create more efficient alternatives to the Criminal Justice system with people who’ve been formerly incarcerated. Christina has travelled the world as a performer, director, and producer, most recently directing the US Premiere of Apple iTune’s first issue-based album for the People’s Climate March, The album HOME, featuring NE-YO, Common, Elle Varner, and produced by 5 time Grammy Award winner Malik Yusef. She has also helped produce Hip Hop loves Ferguson with Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, and the top STL artists who gave voice to the movement and is currently Co-producing Whose Streets, the story of Ferguson from the people who lived it.  

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Daniel Blackman

Daniel Blackman

NEXUS Working Group on Equal Justice Regional Director and Steering Committee Member

Thought Leader. Activist. Entrepreneur.

Daniel is a human rights advocate and entrepreneur. He was the first African-American to run for office in Forsyth County, Georgia and was the 2014 Democratic Nominee for Georgia’s Public Service Commission accumulating 1.1 million votes. With over 10 years of public and intergovernmental affairs experience, he has worked with the U.S. Congress, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Green Building Council, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Energy, the Green Sports Alliance, Netroots Nation, the Hip Hop Caucus, NoVo Foundation,

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and was honored to be appointed by retired Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears to the Georgia Supreme Court Commission on Children, Marriage and Family Law. In 2015, he was honored to be 1 of 65 Emerging Global Leaders invited to a multi-faith “Climate Convergence” in Rome, Italy and Vatican City to discuss the Paris climate negotiations and the release of the papal encyclical.


Mr. Blackman was appointed by the Chairman of the National Wildlife Federation to serve on an Environmental Policy Commission co-sponsored by members of the United States Congress to address renewable energy and public health issues in disadvantaged communities throughout America; and worked with the Environmental Working Group to advance mandatory GMO labeling legislation that would preempt state labeling laws but create a national, mandatory GMO labeling standard for all GMO foods.


As a business owner, he manages his company with the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, using the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems. He has supported numerous White House Initiatives, the Sports/Entertainment industries, and various philanthropies and family foundations which has given him an innovative approach to leadership development and coalition building, with a vision to transform the social conscious of the global citizenry. He is passionate about solving the sex-slavery crisis, and has devoted his time and effort to working on policy and messaging that will remove the stigma of sex-slavery and human trafficking, while raising awareness and offering solution-driven strategies to eradicate the problem.

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Lina Constantinovici

Lina Constantinovici

NEXUS Working Group on Equal Justice Regional Director and Steering Committee Member

Lina Constantinovici is an MBA in an applied economist who’s launched several organizations that contribute to building an economy that creates conditions conducive to life: as Founding Partner in BVC Fund – an early-stage impact investment fund, Founder of the Risk and Value Creation Institute – a think and do tank focused on aligning economic activity with our planetary systems, and StartupNectar – an incubator focused on commercializing biomimetic water, energy, and materials science technologies. StartupNectar was selected as a finalist in the NASA/SSV Showcase of Solutions for Planetary Sustainability in 2013. With over 20 years cross-sector experience, Lina has been a pioneer and thought

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leader in biomimetic innovation and commercialization as a key component of evolving to a more sustainable production and manufacturing system, sustainability strategy advising for global brands like W Hotels and Walmart, sustainability standards design for the EPA, strategic foresight advising on the future of healthcare and education, and legislation towards the city’s zero waste goals at the municipal level through San Francisco Department of Environment.

Lina is currently launching Innovation 4.4, The Human and Planetary Sustainability Innovation Center – a public-private partnership focused on innovation aligned with 4.4 billion years of our planetary systems. Lina is a frequent speaker and university lecturer, and has developed curricula for macro-economic sustainability, systems thinking, entrepreneurship, biomimetic innovation, and impact investing.

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Key Issues:

The NEXUS Working Group toward Equal Justice believes the de-carceration of America can and must happen in our lifetime.  To do so, we believe we must build broader, more strategic and powerful movements led by people who’ve been formerly incarcerated toward equal justice, while also increasing educational, economic, and wellness opportunities for historically over-criminalized communities and people who have been formerly incarcerated to address legacies of mass incarceration.


  • Inclusivity. Any NEXUS member is welcome to participate. In fact, we encourage the collision of members from different industries so that, together, we can not only shape the entertainment industry, but also provoke shifts in storytelling across the board.
  • Dialogue. We welcome open and difficult discussions, held in hospitable fashion and in a climate of mutual respect and friendship. Thanks to this thriving environment, there’s no topic that’s too challenging for us to take on — from human trafficking to addiction or the devastation of the planet.
  • Education. From traditional distribution platforms to brain science on story and emerging forms of VR or AI, we provide members with access to cutting edge forms of storytelling and technology. See it and discuss it here first — with the experts themselves.
  • Impact. By supporting and bringing to the table creatives, executives and investors, we aim to generate tangible impact in the entertainment industry by creating meaningful opportunities for emerging partnership and shaping mainstream conversations around pressing social and human issues.

Our Programming

Salon Series

Equal Justice has organized a six part salon series tackling key areas of criminal justice reform around the USA to build broader, more strategic and powerful movements towards equal justice with our partners


Educational Frameworks

We provide baseline frameworks, materials and context around the Criminal Justice System as well as regular news and information about the system on an ongoing basis through social media for our members to understand these issues fully and become ambassadors to others about the need for transformational reform.

Rapid Response Action Pledges

Together we curate we create toolkits and action pledges to help our members leverage their influence for the short and long term goals of our partners including in rapid response movement moments. Take our pledge to resist White Supremacy: http://bit.ly/2AUUzgi

Site Visits

Local salons, regional workshops, and site visits  help our members leverage their influence for the short and long term goals of our partners. In doing this, we model a more just form of investment by taking our direction from directly impacted communities in a way that isn’t transactional, but rather is deeply relational.


Public Advocacy

Educating and mobilizing our members around ending mass incarceration, ending state sanctioned violence toward Indigenous, Displaced/Refugee, and Religious/Ethnic Minority Communities and ending White Supremacy, violent extremism, and implicit bias

Get Involved with Equal Justice

To see what Equal Justice salons, delegations and other events are upcoming, please reach out. Please note, many Equal Justice Working Group events are limited to members only. Not a member? Membership is based on your application, acceptance and attendance to a multi-day event. Click to see our next upcoming summits or forums.

The NEXUS Working Group toward Equal Justice is chaired by Christina Hollenback, and led by regional and city liaisons who curate these activities locally under the guidance of our regional and city directors. Our regional leadership with toolkits, bodies of research, and talking points for members to take action. In addition, our Working Group incubates labs to curate content on specific issues in Equal Justice, including the Lab of Forced Displacement. If you’d like to host a conversation around Equal Justice or get more involved in your area, please reach out.

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