The NEXUS Working Group on Futurism introduces Members to rapidly advancing, emerging technologies that are poised to significantly alter social, economic, and political conditions worldwide in the next few decades.

Who We Are

The Working Group on Futurism seeks to harness both the diversity and reach of the NEXUS community to raise awareness, inspire conversation, and facilitate action with respect to responsibly participating in and guiding the ethical advancement of these profoundly disruptive technologies.


Futurism is a broadly encompassing term referring to the advancement of disruptive technologies across industries. These disruptive, or “exponential technologies”, are rapidly emerging in the fields of genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, synthetic organisms, nanotechnology, additive manufacturing (“3D printing”), virtual reality, big data, ubiquitous computing, autonomous systems, and cybernetics. They offer incredible potential to bring about material abundance, elimination of disease, radical life extension, drastic reduction in manual labor, restoration of the environment, and new forms of shared human experience. At the same time, they may open a Pandora’s box of threats, such as hostile AI, mass surveillance, runaway robotic self-replication that consumes natural resources, conflict between humans, extensive job destruction, a further exacerbation of the wealth divide, and the loss of unique cultural aspects and ancient wisdom spread throughout the world.


The Lab on Futurism at NEXUS seeks to both answer fundamental questions and create interdisciplinary solutions to maximize positive advancement while minimizing the potential for harm. We aim to explore the future of identity and culture while increasing social equality in the face of accelerating technological advancement. Since these developments overlap broad arenas, we aim to collaborate and integrate with other labs and working groups while also accounting for potential environmental impacts these technologies may bring.


Adam schlenger

Adam schlenger

NEXUS Futurism Working Group Co-Chair

Adam Schlenger is a marine climate scientist studying ecosystem resiliency to climate change. His research aims to bridge the gap between science, economics, and policy to create global environmental solutions. As a surfer, backpacker, and general outdoor enthusiast, AJ’s passion lies in preserving the natural world. He now uses his expertise to strategize mechanisms that transform the current mindset of individual sustainability and create a positive global impact through conscious living. He is a co-chair for NEXUS Futurism Working Group, co-founder of Covalence LLC, and currently developing an adaptive education startup focusing on big data analyses for sustainable initiatives.

Orian Marx

Orian Marx

NEXUS Futurism Working Group Co-Chair

Orian Marx is an entrepreneur, web developer, personal development educator, and futurist. He was a founder of multiple startups developing software to help knowledge workers more effectively utilize the blogosphere and Twitter, and later was the Developer Advocate for App.net – a San Francisco startup that garnered significant attention for building a social network that would never be funded by advertising dollars. He is currently focused on developing an online personal development program, growing the NEXUS Futurism Working Group, and pursuing his travel, photography, and swing dance hobbies. He resides in NYC, where he was born and raised.

Nathan Walworth

Nathan Walworth

NEXUS Futurism Working Group Co-Chair

Dr. Nathan Walworth (PhD) is a computational climate scientist who investigates the intersection of big-data, genome science, and global climate simulations with an additional focus in adaptive big-data educational approaches. He is co-chair of the NEXUS Futurism Working Group and has experience in future-facing content creation and moderating cross-disciplinary technology panels. Nathan co-owns a regenerative lifestyle company, CoValence, with a team of designers and architects that creates products, services, and immersive experiences that encourage mindful living and sustainable practice.


The NEXUS Working Group on Futurism seeks to advance four key areas that are drastically underdeveloped with respect to disruptive technologies in which NEXUS can make significant contribution to improving. These are:


  1. Lack of awareness, both in the mainstream and in leadership positions in government, business, and activism
  2. Lack of diversity within the communities conducting the research and development work
  3. Lack of ethical consensus as to the development and deployment of these technologies
  4. Lack of well-informed governance over the development and deployment of these technologies.
  • Salon discussion series focused upon a variety of potentially disruptive technologies and their impact on the economy, society, and the environment.
  • Delegations to organizations, governments, or scientific laboratories to introduce NEXUS members to emerging trends in Futurism.
  • Expert speakers and panels at NEXUS Summit events.
  • Conference call discussions between NEXUS Members and experts working directly with disruptive technologies.

Get Involved with Futurism

To see what Futurism Salons, Delegations and other events are upcoming, please reach out. Please note, most Futurism Group events are limited to members only. Not a member? Membership is based on your application, acceptance and attendance to a multi-day event. Click here to see our next upcoming Summits.


If you are interested in anything Futurism, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you are looking to get more involved or willing to support our mission through a grant or sponsorship, please reach out! To learn more about the NEXUS Working Group on Futurism, please contact the team at: futurism@nexusglobal.org.

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