History of NEXUS in MENA
In September 2016, the The Middle East North Africa region (aka NEXUS MENA) became a formal member of the NEXUS global community, and set up its headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. NEXUS MENA is building a network of regional influencers to participate in local and regional programming and also to serve as delegates to global summits representing the MENA region (selection process involved). Nexus MENA hosted its first annual regional summit at Villa Linda Sursock in Beirut, Lebanon with the purpose of catalyzing positive social change and support its members as they take on key leadership roles in social transformative initiatives in the region. After a successful summit Egypt was officially establised as its second Chapter and NEXUS MENA will continue to add other countries in the coming months.


NEXUS Mena & Arab Diasporas is the largest and richest private circle of young philanthropists, socially-conscious business leaders, and most innovative social entrepreneurs. It is set to catalyze positive social change and support its global and regional members as they take on key leadership roles in social transformative initiatives in the MENA region.

The inaugural NEXUS Arab Future Summit was hosted in Beirut on October 6-7, 2017 under the patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers His Excellency Mr. Saad Hariri. The Summit gathered a very selective guest list of over seventy NEXUS members from the global and regional NEXUS membership base. The list had a careful balance of next-generation leaders championing change in business and philanthropy, young rising stars in governments and royal families, as well as global next-generation thought leaders and innovators in social impact. Many important themes were discussed including:

Advancing next generation leadership across nations and sectors, inspiring young global philanthropy and social investment and bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship for dialogue, education and collaborative problem-solving

NEXUS MENA looks forward to hosting its second annual Summit in Cairo in later in 2018

Goals and Actions

NEXUS MENA’s goals are to:

  • Catalyze new leadership for addressing regional problems
  • Leverage global + regional networks to build a strong peer-to-peer community of wealth holders & social entrepreneurs
  • Create a strong international and local leadership team to help shape and chart the vision of NEXUS MENA
  • Cultivate and develop 2nd generation wealth in the Middle East and among its diaspora
  • Develop a deeper discourse about philanthropy and investment in the region and among its peoples
  • Host innovative and continuous programming

Themes that were discussed during the Inaugural Arab Future Summit:

  • Defining a philanthropy agenda for MENA
  • Closing the generational gap
  • Cultivating youth engagement and leadership
  • Building an ecosystem to support philanthropy and entrepreneurship
  • Advancing public/private partnerships
  • Building an ecosystem to support philanthropy and entrepreneurship
  • Harnessing diaspora engagement

* NEXUS MENA is currently writing a white paper report following our Arab Future Summit held in Oct 2017. The paper will detail policy recommendations that came out of the three days of high-level discussions shaping the future of the Middle East




Director Emeritus of NEXUS MENA & Arab Diasporas

Lynn is the Emeritus Director of Middle East North Africa (MENA) and Arab Diasporas at NEXUS. She is a businesswoman by trade and a philanthropist at heart, using her learnings from the corporate and investments world to drive her problem-solving style in human

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emergencies and social dysfunctionalities. Co-founder  of The Zovighian Partnership alongside her father, Lynn has built up a team of social innovation architects that design, incubate, and manage meaningful philanthropic interests of emerging next-generation leaders in the Middle East. The firm also services the Zovighian family’s philanthropic ambitions, through its in-house lab, focused on deploying early-stage philanthropic action in conflict zones in the Middle East and building data in high-risk environments in the region.

Lynn is gearing up to formally launch her family’s foundation, the Peace Collection. It will house all prototypes that achieve proof of concept in the firm’s in-house lab, and will help expand Lynn’s personal inter-faith and minority group activism in the region. Lynn also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Ibtissam, a philanthropic commitment under the patronage of the KSA royal family to dismantle slavery marketplaces in the region. She is the Regional Ambassador for Youth of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, an initiative of the UN Foundation. She serves as an advisory board member of the Global Family Office Community in the UK. She has just completed a ten-year term on the Board of Governors at the American Community School in Beirut, Lebanon. Prior to founding The Zovighian Partnership, Lynn spent her career in financial services and management consulting, working at Barclays Wealth & Investment Management in Saudi Arabia, Pictet & Cie in Geneva, and The Boston Consulting Group in the GCC. Throughout this time, she worked closely with her father in his construction trading business, Sehnaoui Plant Group of Companies. During her free time, Lynn enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones, painting, reading, and jogging long distances. She is a former soprano lyrical opera singer and soloist. Lynn holds an MBA in Finance from London Business School and a BA and double minor in Political Studies, American Studies, and Islamic History.

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Mutassem DAABOUL

Mutassem DAABOUL

NEXUS Mena Director

Mutassem Daaboul is an active second-generation Board Member of Daaboul Holding, and the Managing Director of Canex Aluminum one of the main operating companies in the group. In addition to the commitment in his family’s enterprise, Mutassem Daaboul gave lectures

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during several international conferences. He often spoke to the community on different cultural and religious topics while he lived in the diaspora.  Mutassem holds diplomas in business from Mohawk College, Canada, and a bachelor’s degree in specialized honours marketing from York University, Canada. In 2010, he completed his MBA with honours at Coles College of Business at KSU, USA. He is married and father of three beautiful daughters and one son. 

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nancy YACOUB

nancy YACOUB

NEXUS MENA and Arab Diasporas Executive Manager
Nancy Yacoub -an Egyptian Canadian- grew up in Cairo, has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in comparative development politics from Carleton University (Ottawa) and a masters degree in Public Policy and Public Administration from Concordia University.

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  She is the first full time employee for NEXUS MENA and Arab Diasporas. Nancy has extensive experience in social development, where she led and aided in various initiatives for: Global Health Programs (Montreal), World Policy Analysis Center (Los Angeles), Choice to Change Foundation (Dhaka), UNITAR (Geneva), and WFP (Cairo). Nancy strongly believes that a nation’s education is the driving force behind its economic and social development. Inspired by the changes brought forth by the January 25th revolution, she co-founded a foundation in 2011 aimed at offering access to education to those most impoverished in Egypt.  

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Ambassador for Arab Diasporas in the Americas

Ibrahim AlHusseini is a venture capitalist and philanthropist dedicated to financing companies that implement market readysolutions to our greatest social and environmental challenges. AlHusseini spent his early career as a sustainability-focused entrepreneur and investor, with significant 

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experience in operations, sales, and finance. He is dedicated to addressing ourgrowing global waste crisis and founded FullCycle Energy LP to finance projects that convert our costly environmental problem into clean, valuable fuel to power communities around the world. AlHusseini concurrently manages his family office, The Husseini Group LLC, in Los Angeles, CA. The Husseini Group, has over a decade of funding ventures that embrace social enhancement and ecological sustainability with numerous notable holdings, including Infenera (NASDAQ:INFN), Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA), Bloom Energy, Ethical Electric, Zep Solar (acquired by Solar City (NASDAQ: SCTY), WTRMLN WTR, Thrive Market, Kevita, Ecosystem Integrity Funds, Renewal III and Therapy Sites (acquired by Internet Brands (NASDAQ: INET).

AlHusseini is a frequent speaker at family office and wealth conferences, and routinely speaks at universities and summits to promote the merits of impact investing and the solution economy. Equally passionate about gender equality and the arts, AlHusseini supports several NGOs advancing social and cultural change in societies that adversely impact women and girls. He serves on the boards of Synova Power, The Culture Project, The Global Partnership for Women and Girls and is advisor to The Biomimicry Institute. He is also a Board Member of Cornerstone Capital, widely considered the world’s leading voice in the field of sustainable investing and finance.

Mutassem Daaboul is the CEO of SAMA Madar, an aluminum, glass, and composites contractor originally founded in Syria. Mutassem is an entrepreneur passionate about leveraging his family’s business to create positive social change. He holds an Executive MBA in Family Business and has lectured on the topic of Family Business.

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What We’re Up To


In Oct of 2017 NEXUS MENA hosted its first annual Arab Future Summit in Beirut under the Patronage of his Excellency Saad Hariri the Prime Minister of Lebanon. In the fall of 2018, NEXUS MENA will reconvene in Cairo to continue the important conversations at its second Summit


We host regular salons through the region that are meant to bring together wealth owners & social entrepreneurs and inspire learning and collaboration between this uniquely powerful network of peers

Strengthening the Bonds of Connection

The Middle East has been a disparate region. NEXUS MENA hopes to cultivate and develop 2nd generation wealth in the Middle East and among its diaspora by developing strong peer-to-peer connections

Delegations to NEXUS Global

NEXUS MENA is proud to send yearly delegations to our NEXUS Global Summit in New York to participate in NEXUS Global’s flagship event and network with NEXUS members from around the world

Policy Paper

Following its Summit in Beirut, NEXUS MENA is producing a policy paper highlighting the recommendations that followed the Summit. The paper will focus on the three tracks discussed (The refugee crisis, impact investing in MENA and creating a new narrative for the region) and will be presented to His Excellency Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Join us for our

2nd Annual MENA SUMMIT

Winter 2018, Cairo Egypt

Contact Us

Interested in joining or sponsoring the NEXUS MENA network? Are you an exceptional young social entrepreneur, philanthropist or impact investor? Interested in the refugee crisis, impact investing in the region or creating a new narrative for the Middle East? We’d love to hear from you. Please send us a message and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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