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*Spaces for Americans were limited and have filled. Spaces remain for non-American citizens.

*Preference is given to those under the age of 45, though applications of people of all ages are considered.

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Applications with answers to several of the following questions will be given preference.

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Who else should we invite?  Who should speak? NEXUS grows through nominations from trusted people, like you. Please share names and email addresses of one or more people that you believe would add value or find value in joining a NEXUS event. Submitting nominees is encouraged as part of the application process.

Nominations - Who else should we invite to join NEXUS?

In order to help ensure the integrity of the NEXUS network we ask all applicants to provide a minimum of three references.  These can be personal as well as professional references. Anyone that can vouch for you is appropriate.
References - A minimum of three are required. 


Financial Subsidies
Limited financial subsidies may be available through July 1st to support a discounted registration fee.  Subsidies cannot support travel or lodging.  If interested please email for a subsidy form.  Subsidies can only be considered for those who first complete this application form.

Special Needs Addition
The New School and the UN are wheelchair accessible. Sign language interpreters are available upon request. If there's anything else that would help you full participate in the Summit, please email info@nexusglobal.or