Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

The Lab on and Modern Slavery aims to mobilize resources and individuals to invest in high impact solutions that address the root causes of human trafficking and combat modern slavery.

History of NEXUS Efforts on Human Trafficking

The Lab on Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery started as a NEXUS Working Group in 2014 with the goal of exploring the issue in an effort to leverage the unique skills, talents, and access of NEXUS members to change domestic and international policy, promote partnerships among and between civil society and governments, explore options for social impact investments in this space, and end the plight of slaves and human trafficking victims. The then Working Group hosted a Speaker Series, with experts on the issue from across the world for many years and produced several annual reports from 2014-2018. They launched a viral Anti-Slavery Selfie Campaign on social media @NEXUSHTMS with the hashtag #EndSlaveryNow.



According to the U.S. State Department, Modern Slavery is a crime that includes forced and bonded labor, migrant labor debt bondage, sex or human trafficking, involuntary domestic servitude and child soldiering. Human Trafficking, or the trafficking of persons, is when someone obtains or holds a person in compelled service. According to United Nations, human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that subjects children, women, and men to force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labour.



The NEXUS Lab on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery aims to mobilize resources and individuals to invest in high impact solutions that address the root causes of human trafficking and combat modern slavery.



Advance the mission of organizations combating human trafficking and modern slavery; inspire next-gen donors and millennial activists to combat human trafficking and modern slavery; and bridge knowledge gaps, silos and lack of resources with communities of dialogue and wealth.


Diana Mao

Diana Mao

NEXUS Lab Co-Chair for Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Diana Mao is the President and Co-Founder of Nomi Network, a non-profit that creates economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking. In 2015, she joined the inaugural class of Presidential Leadership Scholars. From April of 2013 to the present day, Diana has also Co-Chaired the Nexus Human Trafficking Modern Day Slavery Work Group. In her work for justice and freedom, Diana also writes for the Huffington Post, Reuters, and the United States Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership

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Center.  Diana received a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a master’s degree in Public Administration with a specialization in International Management from New York University’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. She is a New York Academy of Medicine Fellow and on the Advisory board of the Equality Fund.

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Melissa Jane Kronfeld

Melissa Jane Kronfeld

NEXUS Lab Co-Chair for Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Melissa Jane Kronfeld is a Ph.D. (ABD) in the Division of Global Affairs at Rutgers University. She received a B.A. in International Relations from George Washington University, a M.S. in Global Affairs from New York and Rutgers Universities. In 2012, she was awarded the Richard A. Clarke National Security and Counter-Terrorism Scholarship and in 2014 the Walter F. Weiker scholarship celebrating students who possess academic excellence and exceptional contributions to society.

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A journalist, Melissa has been featured in a range of television, radio, print and online news platforms. As an activist, she has delivered remarks around the world including at the United Nations, the White House and on Capitol Hill. In 2014, she launched Pas-sion For A Purpose, a social impact consultancy. For her efforts, Melissa was listed as a “36 Under 36” by The Jewish Week and was nominated for a Jewish People’s Choice Awards in the category of “making a difference.”

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Patrick Gage

Patrick Gage

NEXUS Lab Co-Chair for Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Patrick Gage is the Director of Development and Fundraising at the Scalabrini International Migration Network. As one of the abolitionist movement’s youngest leaders, he has spoken about human trafficking at the White House, United Nations, U.S. Capitol, and Vatican; co-chairs the NEXUS Working Group on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery; and serves on Nomi Network’s Board of Directors. His work focuses on the intersection between migration, slavery, and business. Patrick holds a B.S.F.S. in International History with Honors from Georgetown University.

Our Programming

Speaker Series

Join our speakers’ series featuring the world’s leading abolitionist in the anti-trafficking movement. To sign up and receive reminders for, or notes from, our weekly series click here. To recommend a speaker (including yourself), MJ Kronfeld at

Anti-Slavery Selfie Campaign

Participate in our anti-slavery selfie project by submitting a selfie of yourself holding a sign that reads “#EndSlaveryNow #WeAreNEXUS”. Check out our growing gallery of pics  here  or learn more about how you can submit your selfie  here.

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Become a member of the  Freedom Collaborative and be a part of the world’s largest and fastest growing network of abolitionists collaborating online.

Exclusive Salons

Salon dinners with international speakers in intimate settings organized globally on the topic of what we can all do to combat and end modern slavery.

Millennial Magazine

Read our column in Millennial Magazine, where we work to expose the many faces of slavery, profile the leaders in the movement, and provide current resources on how you can get involved. To recommend someone (under 40 years old) to be featured (including yourself), contact MJ Kronfeld at


In an effort to educate the community, the Working Group has featured a series of presentations by Ernie Allen (ICMEC), Ria Abadi & Alpana Patel (Mount Sinai Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Program), Christian Arnold (Prevent Human Trafficking), David Batstone (Not for Sale), Robert Beiser (Seattle Against Slavery), Ryan Berg (Aruna Project), Robert Billheimer (Not My Life), Brandee Butler (C&A Foundation), Betsey Bramon (U.S. State Department), Mary Caparas (New York Women’s Asian Center), Jane Charles (SOLD), Gerardo Chavez (Food Chains), Kay Chernush (Artworks for Freedom), Fr. Leonir Chiarello (Scalabrini International Migration Network), Michele Clark (Artworks for Freedom), Lori Cohen (Sanctuary for Families), Mary David (Human Rights Advocate), Jeffrey Dean (SOLD), Justin Dillon (Made in a Free World), Lynly Egyes (Urban Justice Center), Nathaniel Erb (Worthwhile: GO), Thomas Estler (Abolitionista), Katie Ford (Freedom for All), Alison Friedman (United States Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons), Shanya Friedman (Met Council), Patrick Gage (Carlson),Kelsey Galaway (Willow International), Cara Gardner (Amara Legal Center), Sarah Gardner (Thorn), Pearl Gluck (The Turn Out), Molly Gochman (Red Sand Project), Katie Godkin (The Batey Rehab Project), Sarah Godoy (Google/UCLA Trafficking Project), Rudy Gonzalez (Sert Ministries), Mary Caparas (New York Asian Women’s Center), Elca Grobler (Red Alert), Nick Grono (Freedom Fund), Laura Hackney (Annie Cannons), Fergus Hanson (Walk Free Foundation), Dawn Hawkins (National Center on Sexual Exploitation), Anna Jaeger (SafeNight App), Lima James (LifeWay Network), Duncan Jepson (Liberty Asia), Siddharth Kara (Harvard University), Emily Kennedy (Traffic Jam), Smriti Keshari (Food Chains), Kevin Kish (Bet Tzedek Legal Services), Samantha Kinkaid (Integrative Restoration Institue), Vandana Kripalani (Set Beautiful Free), Mark Lagon (Ambassador), Michele Law (Cerno Solutions), Jimmy Lee (Restore NYC), Rachel Lloyd (GEMS), Rachel Lohan (The Samaritan Women), Stephanie Lorenzo (Project Futures), Marti MacGibbon (Survivor, Author, Speaker & Comedian), Diana Mao (Nomi Network), Christie Marchese (Food Chains), Ashley Marinaccio (Girl Be Heard), Ross Mason (The Healthcare Institute for National Renewal and Innovation), Cindy McCain (McCain Institute), Peter Mihaere (Stand Against Slavery), Alicia Mills (ChildReach), Kenneth B. Morris Jr. (Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives), Killian Moote (Humanity United), Sarah Jane Murray (Nefarious), Padmini Murthy (New York Medical College), John Nehme (Allies Against Slavery), Peter Nestor (BSR, gBCAT), Consolee Nishimwe (Rwandan Genocide Survivor), Benjamin Nolot (Nefarious), Cecilia Oebanda (Visaya Forum Foundation), Yvonne O’Neal (Episcopal Diocese of New York Task Force Against Human Trafficking), Will Ortell (CFA Institute), Morgan Perry (Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution), Andrea Powell (Fair Girls), Rev. Que (Not On My Watch), Sanjay Rawal (Food Chains), Stacie Reimer (Amara Legal Center), Nancy Rivard (Airline Ambassadors International), Seirah Royin (SOLD), Alezandra Russell (Urban Light), Raleigh Sadler (Let My People Go), Rebecca Sadwick (Google/UCLA Trafficking Project), Sophia Sanders (Stolen Youth), Conchita Sarnoff (The Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking), Joe Schmidt (ENDCrowd), Amy Sobel (Human Rights First), Eric Shih (Spendrise), E. Ben Skinner 3(TAU Investments), Carol Smolenski (ECPAT-USA), Roisin Stallard (ChildReach), Dornnapha Sukkree (MAST), John Temple (New York District Attorney Human Trafficking Unit), Zeke Thomas (Survivor & activist), Susan Tenby (SafeNight App), Ehb Teng (The Wren Initiative), Amanda Weikel (The Samaritan Women), Jody Weiss (Sports Pledge for Freedom), Katherine Welch (Relentless), Adam Whinston (SGS), Shandra Woworuntu (Survivor), and Lynn Zovighian (The Zovighian Partnership).

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