NEXUS Partners & Sponsors

The Work We Do

Like many of the fellow non-profits in our network, NEXUS is a small NGO with a big vision that punches well above our weight. We rely on the generous support from many of our sponsors to allow us to provide our network with exciting programming and intimate conversations around next-gen philanthropy and the trends in impact investing and entrepreneurship. NEXUS is committed to convening our members through Summits deepening connections through local programming and carrying out research around the future of philanthropy and impact investing. We are proud that since our inception in 2011, we have helped our members move tens of millions of dollars to impact investing as well as come together to launch dozens of new charities and impact-driven startups. If you believe in our mission to catalyze change in the world, we hope you will consider sponsoring us or donating to support the work we do.

NEXUS Is a Project of The Giving Back Fund