History of NEXUS in India

NEXUS India started under the guiding leadership and vision of Founding Chair, Tara Singh, supported by a number of philanthropic families and key advisors. The goal of creating NEXUS India as the South Asian regional arm of NEXUS was to connect, educate, empower and encourage young and influential members of the South Asian philanthropic and business communities globally to galvanize around key social impact issues. Today NEXUS India is led by its Steering Committee comprising over (USD) $30B in family wealth and a dedicated Team including Director of NEXUS India and Diaspora Engagement, Leela Bhashyam, NEXUS India Curator, Raj-Ann Rekhi Gill and continued oversight by its Founding Chair, Tara Singh. NEXUS India convenes private global gatherings focused on themes and interests of relevance to the South Asian community and Diaspora.


NEXUS India is a youth philanthropic community aiming to bridge South Asian Next Gen wealth holders, philanthropists, impact investors and social entrepreneurs together in a community of like-minded leaders in order to solve the region’s most intractable issues. Through dynamic dialogue and interactive discussion, NEXUS India gathers visionaries from India and our greater diaspora communities from across the globe to understand how the innovative spirit of the tech community can serve as a beacon to other philanthropists, impact investors, civic leaders, and titans of industry to build our Sustainable India. 

The Nexus India Community will convene over the next year under our guiding theme: Sustainable India over the next 100 years. Gathering visionaries and early adopters from India and the Indian diaspora,

NEXUS India unites extraordinary Next Gen from around the world and ignites within them the flame of social change and commitment to humanity & mother earth that we will help build 100 years+ into the future.

With exposure to innovative new technologies and the freshest perspectives and research, our members transform ideas into action and usher in a new era of Sustainable India, on a scale that has never been accomplished before.

Goals and Actions

NEXUS India has organized a number of Forums and Salons around the world including:

  • 2017 NEXUS India Delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, India
  • 2017 NEXUS India Silicon Valley Forum hosted in association with Google, Facebook and Microsoft
  • 2016 NEXUS India Opening Reception, Salmagundi Club, New York
  • 2015 NEXUS India Opening Reception at the Indian Consulate General, New York
  • 2015 NEXUS India Delhi Salon
  • 2014 NEXUS India Delhi Launch and Salon 2012 NEXUS India Boston Salon
  • 2013 NEXUS India Leadership Forum hosted by UN Women 
  • 2012 NEXUS India Boston Salon


Upcoming Forums and Events:

  • 2018 NEXUS India UK Forum, London
  • 2018 NEXUS India Opening Reception at the NEXUS Global Summit
  • More to be announced



Tara Singh

Tara Singh

Founding Chair of NEXUS India

A lifelong advocate for sustainability leadership in business, Tara actively supports local, grassroots and social entrepreneurs and visionaries. She has a MBA in Finance (Derivatives) and has worked in financial risk management for the FDIC, as well as in Healthcare Administration dealing with Marketing and Quality strategies. She holds a post-graduate degree in Environmental Policy, specializing in Sustainable  Business Development. Tara’s work and research with respect to India include 

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partnering Director Emeritus of NEXUS MENA & Arab Diasporas with organizations including  Nike, Inc., Gokaldas Exports, Asia Society and The Henry Luce Foundation. She has worked to educate and empower underprivileged women and children in both rural and urban locations, teach environmental education and foster environmental stewardship, as well as facilitate a global corporate and governmental conference aiming to increase US corporate investment in India.

A longtime student of both medical botany and ethno pharmacy, she is honored to have been granted entrée to both H.H. Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute and its archives and the global Ayurveda authority, The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, in order to conduct research on Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Ayurveda. Tara is Founder and CEO of Terra Tara Organics (TTO) Inc., in Napa, California. Tara is deeply honored to serve our returning and long returned veteran heroes’ during reintegration into civilian society as President of the Board of Oakland, California’s Operation Dignity, a non profit homeless veteran organization directly addressing issues including housing, job skills, PTS, addiction, and sexual trauma to provide wrap-around healing programs. Tara also serves on the Board of the Ik Onkar Peace Foundation, a United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle, aiming to promote peaceful conflict resolution without the use of unnecessary violence, encourage economic and social justice while preserving planetary beauty and resources.

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Leela Bhashyam

Leela Bhashyam

Director of NEXUS India and Diaspora  Engagement

Leela Bhashyam is a global health activist, self-proclaimed techie, international development practitioner and social impact bridge builder. Her professional experiences cover a wide array of sectors as she is passionate about connecting ideas, shared passions and thought leaders from across the globe. A consummate traveler and student of the global human experience,

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 she has volunteered  for rural health clinics  in India, consulted for fair trade fashion networks in Asia and researched international policy proposals at Oxford University. Her experiences are often guided by the saying, ” If a person wants to go fast, go alone; if they want to go far, go together.” She is a native New Yorker by way of London, Washington D.C. and her ancestral home of Hyderabad.

She received her MPA from NYU Wagner School of Public Service where she focused on International Policy and Planning. In her spare time, Leela has demonstrated a civic commitment to political activism, working for the Obama for America campaign in the greater NY area. Prior to joining NEXUS, she worked as an evaluator for Google, consulting on their UK marketing strategies. In her previous role with NEXUS as the Global Partnerships Coordinator, she deepened relationships with philanthropic institutions, foundations, advisory firms and governments from around the globe. In addition, she supported the growth of various initiatives within NEXUS, from Animal Welfare to Ethical Fashion to Sports for Good. It is her work with NEXUS India that has truly inspired her to re-think traditional relationships to build powerful collaborations that engage, inspire and transform ideas into actionable change.

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Raj-Ann Rekhi Gill

Raj-Ann Rekhi Gill

Curator of NEXUS India

Raj-Ann Rekhi Gill has dedicated her entire career to nonprofit fundraising and program development. With degrees in International Relations from Syracuse University (BA) and the London School of Economics (MSc), she brings a diverse and culturally-savvy perspective to her work. She has been passionate about the power of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship since she was a student and has consistently aligned herself 

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with organizations and individuals advancing this work. She loves bringing people together and has coordinated meaningful events ranging from panel discussions, policy briefings, private art collection salons, artist studio visits, donor trips, and conferences for organizations such as The Asia Society and Museum and American India Foundation in New York as well as San Jose Museum of Art and India Community Center in Silicon Valley.

She has been privileged to set foot on all seven continents and considers traveling a crucial part of lifelong education and an effective way to harness empathy for diversity and disparity. A Bay Area native who is currently based in New York, she can often be found hiking along some hilltop ridge or otherwise finding a way to be active outside.

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What We’re Up To


This May NEXUS India is hosting its first India Diaspora Forum in India in May in London, England bringing together exceptional young social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and impact investors living outside of India to usher in a more sustainable and prosperous future 


We host regular salons that are meant to inspire learning and collaboration between a uniquely powerful network of peers from the South Asian subcontinent to ignite a movement towards greater social change

Culture of Philanthropy

NEXUS India aims to connect, educate and empower young and influential members of the South Asian philanthropic and business communities globally to galvanize around key social impact issues

Delegations to NEXUS Global

NEXUS India is proud to send yearly delegations to our NEXUS Global Summit in New York to participate in NEXUS Global’s flagship event and network with NEXUS members from around the world

Sustainable India

NEXUS India is committed to a roadmap of creating a Sustainable India over the next 100 years. By uniting extraordinary Next Gen from around the world and igniting within them the flame of social change and commitment to humanity & mother earth, NEXUS India is looking to the future

 Members from the NEXUS India Diaspora Forum at Google in Palo Alto

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Join us for our


May 2018, London England

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Interested in joining or sponsoring the NEXUS India network? Are you an exceptional young social entrepreneur, philanthropist or impact investor that lives in India or is part of the Diaspora? Do you believe in a more sustainable and prosperous India? We’d love to hear from you. Please send us a message and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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