NEXUS Labs are a platform for NEXUS experimental ventures in development. As early stage member led initiatives Labs allow NEXUS members to explore a new issue areas they are passionate about to see if it resonates with the community. Current Labs include:
Ethical Fashion
NEXUS Lab on Ethical Fashion was born from the desire to challenge the waste and abuses of the fashion industry and educate and connect leaders who are creating a new ethical fashion paradigm. By harnessing fashion as a force for good, the fashion industry can be at the forefront of global innovation in technology and sustainability. 
The NEXUS Lab on Music is designed to showcase the transformative powers music on our lives. Music is an experience of unity and reflection on a global scale. It is this experience that the Music lab brings to the NEXUS Community through performances curated for each Summit
Regenerative Culture
The NEXUS Regenerative Culture Lab is designed to invigorate and nurture the collective practice of balancing ecosystems of knowledge, people, planet and place to ensure a more sustainable future. The REGEN Lab will take members on a journey towards planetary regeneration.
Human Trafficking

The Lab on Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery started as a NEXUS Working Group in 2014 with the goal of exploring the issue in an effort to leverage the unique skills, talents, and access of NEXUS members to change domestic and international policy, promote partnerships among and between civil society and governments, explore options for social impact investments in this space, and end the plight of slaves and human trafficking victims.

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