Pledge for Our Future

The Pledge for Our Future is for our NEXUS members, friends, and families to act together for our future, the future of our children, their children and their children’s children. 

The Pledge is for earth and all the natural resources that we must be in better balance with to survive and thrive together.  The pledge is for a world where capital preservation doesn’t have to mean sacrificing our values of Equity, Access, Regenerative Impact, and Shared Prosperity.

Many of us are unaware of the full impact our investments, purchasing decisions, and other interactions with public companies, have on the world and its people. The intention of the Pledge is to invite and enable NEXUS members and allies to begin to assess where we may be part of the problem and how we can become part of the solution.

In Larry Fink’s landmark letter as CEO of BlackRock, he challenges companies to “ask themselves:  What role do we play in the community?, How are we managing our impact on the environment? Are we working to create a diverse workforce?”

He asks CEOs, boards and leadership teams of companies many of us invest in to share their clear strategy for long-term growth.  The answers to these questions and overall direction of this long-term growth will define the world our generation inherits. We as investors are uniquely positioned and enabled to be partners alongside them.  Improving our long-term future is not a luxury but an imperative for us, as leaders, citizens, and investors.

The intention of the pledge is to serve as a CATALYST for evaluating the impact of one’s portfolio and our interactions with companies and brands. 

Wherever your starting point may be in terms of your ability to participate, we invite you to join, even if it is only one specific impact you are able to start evaluating at this time and build towards the others.

With this pledge I/we pledge to leverage our Capital across asset classes for a just, sustainable future. 


The Pledge is for our future — and the future of our shared planet.

Pledge for Our Future

Sign the pledge 

ALL our investments have an impact on the earth and our global community along with each investment’s earnings and growth. 

For us to thrive on this planet together, we must take this into account.  We believe disclosure regarding the types of risk exposure named below can lead to better investments and financial performance, as well as the kind of world we want to live in. 

Each and every person and company has a vital role to play in being a part of these solutions– for all of us to thrive, no one and no entity can be misaligned.

On July 26th, 2018, we will pledge to request this information from the organizations we are invested in across asset classes (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, venture capital, private equity, real estate, hedge funds) to be submitted back to us by January 5, 2019. 

The goal of the pledge is to collect the most comprehensive disclosure information. When answering the questions, feel free to opt out of any of the questions you are not aligned with or are not able to provide information for.

In signing the pledge we commit to taking action…

based on insights from the disclosure, as an ongoing long-term process, to the best of our abilities, wherever our starting points may be.

Employment practices that work for the workers and companies
Equal pay - tiered pay-scale class disclosure by race and gender Fair wage in relation to median wage in city where business is located Benefit access for non-full time workers, including access to healthcare incl women’s health (less than 40 hours per week worked) Race and gender parity in promotion practices - how many Equal Pay Act cases on average per portfolio investment Family leave - What is the duration? Does the company offer both maternity and paternity? Representative representation of race and gender at the Board and Executive team levels Hiring the formerly incarcerated - Open hiring practices Non-discrimination policies (including LGBTQ) - average of how many discrimination cases filed in previous year per portfolio investment
Equal pay - no differential in tiered employee payscale by gender or race  Fair wage in relation to median wage in city where business is located  Benefits for 25+ hours a week worked including access to healthcare including reproductive health Race and Gender parity in promotion practices - tracked through HR practices for at least 1 year Family leave for at least 3 months Representative representation of gender and race at the Board and Executive team levels Hiring the formerly incarcerated - open hiring practices Non-discrimination policies (including LGBTQ)

 Companies that are good for the earth and humanity

Thank you for being a part of our beautiful future.

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The information you share with us will help us leverage our collective impact and evaluate opportunities for future collective impact. Feel free to opt out of any questions you don’t feel comfortable sharing or don’t have information to complete.

There is no amount too small to share, as every amount of money invested can be a vote towards Equity, Access, Regenerative Impact, and Shared Prosperity.