Next Generation Philanthropy: The Need For NEXUS

Over the next decades, the single greatest transfer of wealth is predicted to take place. According to the recently released book, Generation Impact, “an estimated $59 trillion will be transferred intergenerationally among American philanthropic families over a 55-year period that has already begun.”

Millenial philanthropists are the richest and youngest in history. With an estimated $59 trillion to be inherited over the next decades, charitable giving is seeing a game change in how people are giving and what organizations they are supporting. Now more than ever, the role of NEXUS is critical in ensuring that this transfer of wealth results in positive social and environmental impact. NEXUS’ mission aims to educate, connect, inspire, and activate the next generation of exceptional social innovators, philanthropists and impact investors around the world to collaborate and accelerate global solutions. Today, privilege comes with responsibility. NEXUS is incredibly proud of so many of our members who have risen to that challenge. Read some our member’s success and impact stories here:


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