NEXUS Global Summit Member-to-Member Initiative

Showing up to a new conference can be intimidating, especially if it’s a community where a lot of people already know each other. You hang by the bar and engage in awkward small talk in hopes of meeting a conference buddy. It’s a shot in the dark. But, have no fear. Back by popular demand, NEXUS Member-to-Member, is our initiative to connect you with someone ahead of time so you have a friendly face with shared interests to get to know before you come to the Summit. All you have to do is submit a short survey detailing your interests and we do the rest. Two weeks before the Summit we’ll introduce you both, connect you around your shared interests and let you two get to know one another. Then on the Summit date, you’ll be confident knowing that you already someone and can feel like a old time NEXUS pro!

This is for Summit delegates only… To sign up, click the link on the bottom of your registration link under member-to-member





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