Nexus Member Profile: Nick Loui Creating more Transparency in Government

In a time of tweets and Trump scandals, the first thing on our newsfeed is rarely new legislation or the exact details of bills passed through Congress. That is why Nexus member, Nick Loui, decided to create a way to bring relevant information about exactly what is going on at Capitol Hill to the average citizen. Using artificial intelligence, Civic Feed is an app that sifts through information to bring the most relevant content of current reforms by a simple click. Loui spoke about the growth of Civic Feed and ethics of artificial intelligence with fellow Nexus member Nathan Walworth at the Lightning in a Bottle festival. There, Loui discussed the mission of Civic Feed: to create a more transparent relationship between government and everyone else.  

With the spotlight on politics and government in 2018, Civic Feed hopes to enhance political communication in a unique way. Nick Loui has had a passion for policy and communication from a young age. He has worked on social media and digital marketing campaigns for the UN such as, “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls”, and MEND, a child-obesity social enterprise. In the past he has worked as the Chief Marketing Officer at Vixlet, a social platform that partners sports teams with entertainment organizations. Loui has launched into the political world with his newest project Civic Feed, aiming to provide more political efficacy to the average citizen and decreases potential corruption by leaders. Nick Loui is at the forefront of the future of our global community and we are proud his is part of the NEXUS Community.

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