2018 NEXUS Global Summit: Our Commitment to Impact

At NEXUS we strive to create a global community that is tolerant, diverse, inclusive and willing to challenge and improve upon conventional practices. In doing so, we must challenge and improve our own practices including how we go about our Global Summit.

This year we are proud to have made several improvements and commitments regarding our sustainability and impact ahead of our Global Summit.


We are proud to commit to a plant-based Summit for all our food and drinks served over the course of the three days. We are even more excited to announce that we are partnering with Komeeda, to cater it. Komeeda is a catering company that trains and hires refugees from around the world who are new to the United States to become chefs and share their culture through food. It’s going to be a delicious summit!


We all know the devastation plastic causes in our oceans, lakes and streams. Scientists estimate that by 2050, the weight of plastic in the oceans will exceed that of all the fish. That’s gross. That is why this summit, we are getting rid of single use plastic water bottles. Instead, all delegates will receive a NEXUS branded reusable metal bottle so they can represent NEXUS and their commitment to keep plastic out of our oceans!


Ah, the irony. A Global Summit for women, with all men on a panel. Something’s seriously wrong with that. At NEXUS we not only incredibly inspiring voices but we promise #NoManels (all male panels) as well… Because women’s issues should be discussed by the women who know them best. Also, since this is our Global Summit we promise to include as many global and diverse voices as well!



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