NEXUS Spotlight: Steve McKnight- Lavit

NEXUS Member Steve McKnight, integrates environmental sustainability with beverage consumption in an evolutionary way. As co-founder of Lavit, it was McKnight’s goal to create a company that reduces our overall plastic consumption in a cool way. Lavit is the first single serve, cold beverage system for healthy drinks with a recyclable capsule.

Lavit is a revolutionary beverage technology company that delivers hydration and performance to businesses and consumers alike. Their 100% recyclable single serve EcoCaps come in a variety of flavors from brands you love and trust to make you still and sparkling beverages. By partnering with water charities around the globe and optimizing the delivery of beverages, Lavit is creating a shift in how we drink water that is seriously better for the planet.

Steve McKnight was inspired by the quality of the water in the Swiss Alps. He wanted to deliver water that was as pure and fresh as the water  there, except there was one issue. The process of packaging and transporting the water was preventing getting healthy drinks to the American public. Through their recent technology, Lavit was finally able to be born. They found a way to create a machine that would deliver a refreshing beverage, with zero preservatives, and an easy to recycle capsule designed to protect mountains, lakes, and streams everywhere.

With different beverages such as Arizona green tea to Juice Press rose water, Lavit has been able to bring consumers a guilt free beverage experience. With every beverage containing 10 calories or less and being 100% recyclable, Lavit is transparent in its values and good for your body just as it was intended to be.



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