NEXUS EIE Global Climate Action Summit Pledge for our Future

NEXUS will be taking part of the groundbreaking Global Climate Action Summit next month in San Francisco. The GCAS will host leading world dignitaries who will assemble to discuss healthy energy systems, inclusive economic growth, sustainable communities, land and ocean stewardship. NEXUS is honored to be hosting a panel with The Elders around how to create a just move to more equitable green technologies.
Beyond our presence on stage, “In partnership with the NEXUS Pledge for our Future, the NEXUS Energy Innovation and Environment Working Group is seeking information from our community on how much investment and/or philanthropic give our community is putting into climate solutions. All information will be anonymous and presented as a community-wide initiative. The short form can be found here.
This number will be presented, along other high-level commitments at the Global Climate Action Summit, as the Next Generation’s 2018 commitment to engagement on the challenge of climate change. Help us make our mark on history, and let the world know that we are stepping up; doing our part to create a sustainable world for everyone.
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