Member Spotlight: Winston Ibrahim

Nexus member, Winston Ibrahim is turning the water industry (worth $100 billion) on its head. The founder of the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project has launched his product, Hydros, giving customers an affordable, efficient way to eliminate their use of single use plastics by providing a filtered on-the-go water bottle. This is the first technology of its kind to be the most convenient way to get potable tap water while automatically reducing the burden on plastic.

Ibrahim describes himself as being a mission-driven person with the passion for uniting business and philanthropy. What pushed him to become a sustainability based entrepreneur was his focus to create a large impact on diminishing consumers use of plastic. This was enforced by his background with building stronger communities.

In 2008, when he was a senior in college, Ibrahim founded the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project. This project brings together a group of diverse student leaders who are driven to learn about issues in the Middle East. The goal is to inform young people and build an effort to help the region and enhance its relationship with the US. Empowering a future generation of leaders with intimate information about a section of the globe that many Americans view negatively, helps change the global perspective of future generations. In the past decade, they have been able to bring 60-70 students overseas and immerse them in the Middle East culture, eliminating prior stereotypes they may once have had.

Ibrahim will continue his work with the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project as he launches Hydros. He looks forward to impacting the water industry on a global level, as nations such as China and India are striving to become more environmentally friendly. Making effortless environmentally friendly actions could cause a ripple effect like nothing we have seen before. Along with his many ventures, Ibrahim is also the ambassador for NEXUS San Francisco. If you would like to learn more about his business, his philanthropy efforts, or NEXUS involvement in the San Francisco area, click here.



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