NEXUS Members Share Their Giving Stories with the Unfunded List

During a recent NEXUS salon in D.C. longtime NEXUS member Dave Moss of the Unfunded List sat down with fellow members to ask their giving stories. Hear stories of NEXUS members recalling the experience of their first gifts.

Prior to launching his new Open Door podcast, Dave worked as a major donor fundraiser and has had countless conversations with philanthropists trying to figure out what drives them and convinces them to give. During a NEXUS Salon at Busboys and Poets in Washington D.C, Dave hosted a series of interviews to hear the stories of his fellow members.  Encouraging each participant to think back to their first memory of a philanthropic act, Dave asked his favorite classic questions:

How do you say no to requests you won’t fund? What causes do you support? Who taught you how to give? What problems can philanthropy realistically solve before coming back to the simpliest and fondest of them all: What was your first gift?

Here are some of the responses from our members below:









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