An Interview With NEXUS Member and Philanthropist Heidi Roddenberry

We hope you will enjoy this Unfunded list interview with NEXUS member and philanthropist Heide and her husband Rod Roddenberry who talk about their giving story and the work of the Roddenberry Foundation.

NEXUS is proud to support the incredible work of The Roddenberry Foundation as they set the course for a bold brighter future with the Roddenberry Prize. For this interview, Heide and Rod sat down with fellow NEXUS member Dave Moss who runs the Unfunded List. The mission of The Unfunded List is to “educate future generations of philanthropists and social entrepreneurs about fundraising and the philanthropic process.” The Open Door Philanthropy Podcast, which is part of Unfunded List, is an opportunity to dive deeper into how major giving works through long-form interviews with major givers and experts in philanthropy. To kick off the series, Heidi and Rod talk about how they became philanthropists and where they think the field of philanthropy is heading.


Episode One – Rod Roddenberry, Heidi Roddenberry, and Lior Ipp




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