NEXUS Leader Releases Trailer to Clarkston the Film: The Town Where Y’all Means All

After producing and co-writing NEXUS documentary Imba Means Sing to much critical acclaim, NEXUS Atlanta City Ambassador Erin Bernhardt is set to release her new documentary: Clarkston the Film. 

Set in a tiny city outside of Atlanta which at first glance, seems like a typical Southern town replete with railroad crossings, family-style restaurants, churches, and sports fields Clarkson tells the story of a town that is anything but. The most diverse one square mile in the South, Clarkston Georgia is home to refugees from 40 countries and hundreds of ethnicities living side-by-side in harmony. Referred to as “Ellis Island of the South,” Clarkston the movie examines the inner-workings of this aberration of an ethnic oasis highlighting both the triumphs and the obstacles its residents face. Most importantly, the film highlights the beauty of what makes America great: diversity, acceptance, understanding, and optimism in creating better lives together.

We can’t wait to see the film in theatres soon. View the trailer below and check back in for more updates on its release date.




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