Updates from The Invest In Yourself Working Group: Announcing The IY Partnership With Consciousness and Healing Initiative

Since 2012, the mission of the Invest in Yourself Working Group (IY) has been to facilitate NEXUS members in optimizing their lives and their social impact by curating and delivering evidence-based experiential programming on the inner dimensions of leadership; self-directed transformation and the evolution of consciousness; and the relationship between personal, social and planetary wellbeing and regeneration.  Earlier this month, IY presented a Biohacking Wellness Salon in San Francisco generously hosted by local SF co-chair Winston Ibrahim at his home. An amazing group of almost 30 NEXUS members and 4 speakers gathered to explore and experience the future of health. A big IY shoutout to our bravest NEXUS  member, StonlBaptiste, who immersed himself in a 37 degree Fahrenheit cold tub for some cold thermogenesis!!
Please consider joining us by visiting the IY Biohacking Wellness Suite and the IY breakout at the upcoming NEXUS Global summit, and watch for regional IY salons near you as well as IY delegation opportunities, online community calls, and announcements of exclusive offers to NEXUS members such as the one below:
Through an IY partnership with the Consciousness and Healing Initiative, you can sign up for a free, one-year contributorship to CHI, including the following benefits:
  • All-access pass to CHI’s monthly webinars (including replays and additional materials) on the science, practice, and social impact of consciousness and healing 
  • Free monthly meditations from leading healers
  • Substantial discounts to conferences such as the upcoming “I Don’t End Here”: Biofield Science and Healing on July 18th with CHI and the Institute of Noetic Sciences
  • Exclusive video content from CHI presenters including Deepak Chopra, Dean Radin, and many more.
To activate your free contributorship courtesy of IY, click on https://www.chi.is/cart/and enter code NEXUS in the ‘coupon code” box.  Create your own login and password to enter the CHI Contributor portal.  To learn more about IY, please visit our webpage at Invest In Yourself at NEXUS, explore related ideas at You Are the Universe, or write to us at IYAN@nexusglobal.org.



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